Materials you will need:

œPencil and Pen

œComposition Notebook (Provided by School)

Class Rules:

œBe prompt and prepared for class

œBegin Bell Work when you arrive at class

œTreat yourself and others with respect at all times

œBe responsible for what you do, say, think, and feel

œFollow directions and listen attentively

œEncourage others to participate

œUse polite and appropriate language at all times

œPush your own limits: Never stop trying!

*School rules as listed in the school handbook will also be enforced

We have class rules so that we can all work and learn together in a safe and productive environment. Any problems that result in a disruption of concentration, student success, or violates a rule will lead to one or more of the following consequences: teacher conference, parent notification, detention, referral to the office, or any other appropriate action.

Expectations:“An attitude of positive expectation is the mark of the superior personality.” - Brian TracyIn this classroom, I have expectations of you as learners and as humans. These five basic expectations allow us to be safe, have fun, grow, and challenge ourselves.

œKeep each other physically and mentally safe

œGive put-ups, never put-downs

œGive and receive honest feedback

œLet it go

œChallenge by choice



You will be assigned homework several times a week. You are expected to complete your homework when it is assigned to remain current with the progress of the class. Homework is due at the beginning of the class it is assigned for.

Late Work:

Work turned in late will receive a 10% reduced grade for everyday it is late. After five days, the work will not be accepted.

“I Missed Class. Now What?”

If you miss a class, when you return, you should check the “While You Were Out” folder on your board, and ask TWO classmates what you missed BEFORE coming to Mrs. Naples with additional questions. In the event of a prolonged absence (three days or more), you should email Mrs. Naples to ask for work that you can complete while you are out.

Reading Logs:

All students are expected to read for a minimum of 400 minutes a month outside of class. They will keep a reading log detailing what they read, when, for how long, and any thoughts or questions their reading provided them with. Parents will be asked to sign off on reading logs.

Vocabulary and Grammar:

Throughout the year, we will engage in learning new vocabulary words coming from prefixes, roots, and suffixes, as well as from the literature we read. We will also focus on improving our grammatical abilities through study and practice of the written language.